Packing fresh pasta, ready meals, baked goods, fruit, meat, fish, cheeses and much more.

Blister packaging such as syringes, surgical kits, cannulas, valves and more.

Blister packaging such as stationery, cosmetics, household items, personal care articles, toothbrushes and much more.


ALMA is known as the bespoke tailor of Thermoforming and Blister Packing Machines. And throughout the Food, Medical, and Industrial sectors, that’s a name we’re proud to hear and glad to have earned over four decades of work!

ALMA focuses on the manufacture of strictly made-to-order Thermoforming and Blister Packaging Machines. Each of our products is customized and equipped with the components actually required by the customer’s specific needs: this approach allows us to optimize packaging efficiency on each single product, at the same time minimizing waste on used materials.

ALMA’s packaging machines are the result of an ongoing research process, always aiming at significant increase in flexibility, versatility and cost-effectiveness. Each machine we deliver to one of our customers has been designed with their specific needs in mind, both from a performance and from a functional standpoint –in the Food, Medical, or Industrial sector – whether it uses Thermoforming or Blister Packing technology!

Thermoforming packing machines allow for the creation of very unique packaging in varied and complex shapes. Proven to be among the most attention-catching packaging choices and thus leading to greater sales, thermoforming uses a plastic sheet or film – depending on thickness - that is heated to a temperature where it becomes pliable, shaped in a custom-made mold, and finally trimmed.

Blister packs are used to package products of all kinds, and also find specific application in the pharmaceutical sector. The advantages of Blister packaging lie in attractiveness and full product visibility, and also assurance of integrity even on a single-dose level. Blisters are made by affixing pre-formed plastic pockets to a cardboard or plastic backing, or even by folding them on themselves and heat-sealing them in what is known as a clamshell blister.

We design Thermoforming packing machines for food products of all kinds, tailor-made to customer specifications and capable of working under vacuum or in modified atmospheres. Our Food industry packaging machines are entirely built out of stainless steel, to allow for the highest levels of hygiene as required by field regulations. Learn more about our Thermoforming packaging machines for the Food Industry by clicking here.

We develop high-tech blister packaging machines for medical and pharmaceutical products, building machines specifically designed for inclusion in clean rooms, if necessary working under vacuum or in modified atmosphere conditions. Find out more about our Medical sector solutions by clicking here.

We manufacture high-performance blister packing machines for in-line packaging of all kinds of industrial-made consumer goods, both clamshell and with paperboard or film tops – and with options for all sizes and shapes of blisters, and for automatic in-line labelling. Discover our Industrial blister packaging machines by clicking here.


Why us?

Forty years of experience

Forty years of experience

10.000 Mq. production site

10.000 Mq. production site

100 % in house design and manufacturing

100 % in house design and manufacturing

3 Market segments: Food, Medical and Industrial

3 Market segments: Food, Medical and Industrial

43 partner countries to which we export

43 partner countries to which we export

Reliability, technology, quality, internationality

Reliability, technology, quality, internationality

La prima partecipazione di AL.MA. a Meat Tech e Host 2021

La prima partecipazione di AL.MA.  a Meat Tech e Host 2021

AL.MA. ha partecipato alle fiere Meat Tech e Host 2021, importantissimi eventi per i settori della ristorazione e accoglienza, nonché piattaforme internazionali per il rilancio delle attività.
Le finalità conseguite sono: promuovere a livello globale l’immagine aziendale, presentare i nuovi macchinari, instaurare e consolidare le relazioni commerciali a livello internazionale.

I risultati principali in fase di raggiungimento sono: incremento della clientela e del fatturato.

Importo del progetto: € 33.384,00
Agevolazione concessa: € 15.000,00



ALMA is pleased to invite you at IPACK-IMA 2022 that will take place in Milan from May 3 to 6.

A complete, cross-cutting range of offerings catering for the entire mass market and consumer durables industries. A system exhibition showcasing each step of the production chain: from processing to packaging, from design to innovative materials, from labelling to end-of-line, from automation to digitization.

ALMA Packing and Packaging Machinery with its business unit ALMA Fresh Pasta Machinery will be there to present its 100% customized lines:

  • Thermoforming Packing Machines for food products under vacuum or in modified atmosphere
  • In-line Automatic Blister Packing Machines for industrial products and consumer goods
  • Automatic Blister Packing Machines for disposable medical devices and pharmaceutical products
  • Machines and complete lines for laminated, extruded (short and long) pasta, filled pasta, for gnocchi, for all kinds of semolina, flour or gluten free flour: from the mixing of raw material to the forming, up to the thermal treatment and packaging.

We are waiting for you at Hall 5P – Booth C14





From January 27 to 30 AL.MA. will be at ARAB HEALTH in Dubai

From January 27 to 30 we will be at ARAB HEALTH in Dubai. We could not miss the important trade show that for 45 years has involved the most important professionals in the medical sector.

Economic data show a strong growth of the medical sector during the last years in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) regions and the future could be as positive as the present.

The market is expected to move from US $ 185 in 2019 to over 243 in 2023.

We will be present, next to the operators already on the market but also to those who enter now.
We will offer our technology and know-how in the design and manufacture of automatic blistering machines for medical products.

Let's meet us at Dubai World Trade Center Za'abeel
Hall 2 - Booth Z2D39

AL.MA. Fresh Pasta Machinery

From today AL.MA. is also “Production and Sale of machinery and automatic lines for fresh pasta.

Today the AL.MA. Fresh Pasta Machinery division is born, for the design, production, sale, assistance and spare part supply of fresh pasta machinery.

A novelty? Not really: for over 40 years we have been designing and manufacturing machines for fresh pasta for third parties, now you can buy them directly from us!
AL.MA. Fresh Pasta Machinery BU joins the AL.MA. Packing and Packaging Machinery BU, which continues as always the design, production, sale and assistance of thermoforming and blister packaging machines for the food, medical and industrial sectors.

What do the two AL.MA. Business Units have in common?
100% AL.MA. Professionality, technology, service and customization.
We will contact you shortly to explain in depth what we can do for you.

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